Rishard Matthews

Wide Receiver • Titans

2018 Projections

88 53 740 4


Matthews has been a depend-able target for Titans QB Marcus Mariota over the last two seasons, catching 60.5 percent of his targets and averaging 14.7 yards per catch. He managed to put up respectable numbers last year despite missing two games with a hamstring injury. Since coming to Tennessee in 2016, he’s averaged 3.9 receptions and 58.0 receiving yards per game. The Titans’ offense should be improved this year after underachieving in 2016.


WR Corey Davis did very little in his rookie season with the Titans, but the No. 4 overall pick in last year’s draft is likely to be a much bigger factor this season. High-volume TE Delanie Walker is still around, too, so Matthews may have a reduced role in the passing game. Matthews’ production tailed off late last season, with 16 catches for 211 yards and one touchdown over the Titans’ last six games, including the playoffs.

Bottom Line

Matthews isn’t one of the sexier options at wide receiver, but he’s potentially useful. His usefulness will largely depend on whether highly drafted Corey Davis becomes the Titans’ clear No. 1 receiver in his second season.

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