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Rex Burkhead

Running Back • Patriots

2018 Projections

120 506 5 30 257 1


Productive and versatile, Burk-head can be effective as an inside or outside runner, as a pass catcher and even as a goal-line runner. He scored seven touchdowns in his last six regular-season games and finished with eight TDs for the season. Burkhead re-upped with the Patriots in the offseason, signing a three-year deal that suggests heíll be a prominent part of the offense in 2018.


The Patriots are notorious for flummoxing fantasy owners by using their running backs in unpredictable ways, and itís not hard to envision Burkhead getting 15 touches some weeks and just a handful of touches in others, particularly with the arrival of University of Georgia star Sony Michel. Burkhead dealt with a rib injury early last season and a knee injury later in the year, and at 5-10 and 210 pounds, durability could be an issue, if the Patriots give him a large volume of work.

Bottom Line

Burkhead will be part of a committee in New England, but a committee role with the high-flying Patriots can still be lucrative to fantasy owners. Last yearís results hint at the TD upside here.

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