Rashaad Penny

Running Back • Seahawks

2018 Projections

221 908 6 26 108


The Seahawks went into the draft with more holes than usual, and the fact that they spent their only first-rounder on Penny suggests that they envision a huge role for him as a rookie. After playing behind Donnel Pumphrey during his first three seasons at San Diego State, Penny put up astonishing numbers as a senior, carrying 289 times for 2,248 yards (7.7 YPC) and 23 touchdowns. He also added two TD catches and two kick returns for scores. The 5-11, 220-pound Penny has lead-back size to go along with 4.46 speed. He has quick feet and a high-revving motor.


Penny doesn’t run with exceptional power, and he doesn’t have extraordinary long speed. He’ll need to work on his pass catching at the NFL level and might not contribute much as a receiver in his first pro season. Seattle’s offensive line is still an area of concern. Penny might get some in-house competition from Chris Carson, who looked good last year before sustaining a season-ending leg injury.

Bottom Line

After piling up impressive college stats, Penny now has a chance to produce fantasy-friendly numbers for a team that had no run game to speak of last year.

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