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Philip Rivers

Quarterback • Chargers

2018 Projections

362 569 4516 26 12 9


Rivers logged another impressive season in 2017, finishing second in the NFL (behind Tom Brady) with 4,515 passing yards. He finished fifth in passing touchdowns with 28. Rivers threw for over 300 yards in six different games last season. On Thanksgiving Day in Dallas, he amassed 434 yards in the air and threw for three scores. After registering a career-low 87.9 passer rating in 2016, Rivers improved that mark to 96.0 last season. He also cut his interceptions by more than half -- from 21 in 2016 to just 10 in 2017. Rivers very much enjoyed the return to form of WR Keenan Allen. Rivers connected with his favorite target 102 times last season, including six touchdowns. For five straight seasons, Rivers has posted a minimum of 4,200 yards and 28 touchdowns. Over 14 NFL campaigns, he has thrown for more than 50,000 yards and has 342 touchdowns. Rivers has finished top 10 in passing yards for five consecutive years and nine times in the last 10 seasons. After playing sparingly in his first two NFL seasons, Rivers has started 192 consecutive regular-season games since 2006. Rivers was the least-sacked starting QB in the NFL last year.


No one will mistake Rivers for Michael Vick. In 14 seasons, he has scored a grand total of three rushing touchdowns. The last one occurred in 2011. He gained a combined total of minus-two yards on the ground in 2017. Although Rivers was sacked only 18 times in 2017, he has gone down 380 times in his career. From 2009-16, he was sacked an average of 37 times per season.

Bottom Line

Like Ryan, Rivers is another high floor/low ceiling guy. He has taken the field for every start for 12 consecutive seasons. You can pretty much pencil in a minimum of 4,000 yards and 25 touchdowns. If you want to nitpick, he will turn 37 in December. When it comes to QBs, however, 40 is beginning to look like the new 30. If you are looking for points on the ground, look elsewhere. Rivers might not win you a fantasy title, but he won’t lose one for you either.

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