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Paul Richardson

Wide Receiver • Washington

2018 Projections

84 50 681 5


Plagued by injuries during his first three NFL seasons, Richardson finally broke through in 2017, establishing career-best numbers across the board. He was among the most coveted free-agent receivers in the offseason and signed a five-year; $40-million deal with Washington, where he has a chance to become the lead receiver (or at least the lead outside receiver). Richardson is a big-play threat with 4.4 speed.


Richardson has torn his left ACL twice (once in the NFL, once in college) and has also had hamstring problems. As a downfield receiver, Richardson might not pair especially well with new Redskins QB Alex Smith, who until last season had shown a general reluctance to challenge coverage deep downfield. Itís hard to forecast Richardsonís target share, which will be impacted by the output of young WR Josh Doctson and the health of oft-injured TE Jordan Reed.

Bottom Line

Richardson finally emerged as a fantasy-relevant receiver in his fourth season, but his value for 2018 is somewhat hard to peg now that heís changed teams and will be operating within an entirely new ecosystem. A conservative approach with Richardson in fantasy drafts is the prudent way to go.

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