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Nick Chubb

Running Back • Browns

2018 Projections

174 720 6 10 79


Chubb burst onto the college football scene with a spectacular freshman season in which he ran for 1,547 yards and 14 touchdowns at Georgia, averaging 7.1 yards a carry. He dislocated his left knee and tore multiple ligaments (but not his ACL) as a sophomore, yet he came back and ran for 2,475 yards and 23 touchdowns over his final two college seasons. He runs with power and patience, and he has the build to be a high-volume runner. Chubb was a standout at the NFL scouting combine, cranking out 29 reps on the bench, finishing second among running backs in the broad jump, fourth in the vertical jump and clocking a 4.52-second 40-yard dash at 227 pounds. The Browns took Chubb early in the second round, and itís clear that they view him as a future cornerstone of their offense.


Although itís been almost three years since shredding his knee, Chubb doesnít appear to have fully regained the pre-injury explosiveness that made his freshman season so magical. Duke Johnson owns passing downs, and free-agent signee Carlos Hyde should vie for early-down work. The Browns probably arenít going to be a high-scoring team, so Chubbís TD potential may be limited.

Bottom Line

Chubb is among the most promising members of a very good rookie RB class, but his fantasy outlook depends on (1) whether heís able to recapture the explosiveness he had before a sophomore-year knee injury, and (2) whether the Browns are quickly able to get their act together on offense.

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