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Quarterback • Bears

2018 Projections

316 511 3804 21 10 232 2


The Bears traded the No. 3 overall pick, along with third- and fourth-round selections in 2017 and another third-rounder in 2018, just to move up one spot to draft Trubisky No. 2 overall last year. Thatís some love right there, my friends. Itís really a leap of faith when you consider Trubisky had started all of 13 games in his college career. Trubisky became the starter in Week Five of the 2017 season. He held on to the starting job the rest of the season and, other than a 31-3 Week 12 trashing in Philadelphia, the Bears were competitive with Trubisky under center. In the offseason, they hired Matt Nagy, formerly the offensive coordinator in Kansas City, as head coach. In free agency, they added WRs Allen Robinson and Taylor Gabriel and TE Trey Burton. In the 2018 draft, they selected interior OL James Daniels and WR Anthony Miller in the second round. Clearly, the Bears are focused on supporting Trubisky and improving the offense.


Their offense needs to improve. Chicago ranked 30th last season in total yards, and the Bears were dead last in passing offense. Theyíve ranked among the NFLís worst offenses since the advent of facemasks. (That might be a slight exaggeration, but itís been a while.) In 12 starts last season, Trubisky threw just seven TDs and had seven interceptions.

Bottom Line

Itís not certain Drew Brees could have posted decent stats for the Bears in 2017. Under former coach John Fox, the Bears' offense was so conservative, it made Fox News seem liberal. There is little doubt the offense will improve under Nagy. Trubisky should produce much better stats than he did in his rookie year. It remains to be seen if the improvement is enough to warrant fantasy consideration.

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