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Mike Williams

Wide Receiver • Chargers

2018 Projections

52 32 384 4


The seventh overall pick in last yearís draft, Williams had his rookie season knocked off course by a herniated disc, but heís expected to become a significant contributor in his second season. The 6-3, 220-pound Williams has a huge frame and runs well for a bigger receiver. He showed tremendous ball skills in college, using his size to consistently beat defenders for contested passes. Williams is a fearless pass catcher willing to do the dirty work between the hashmarks. With his combination of size and ball skills, Williams has the potential to become a big-time TD scorer.


Itís concerning that Williams sustained a major back injury in his first practice of rookie minicamp and never got going as a rookie. Meanwhile, Keenan Allen had a banner 2017 season and cemented his status as the alpha dog of the Chargersí WR stable, and the number two receiver Tyrell Williams showed up for all 16 games. For Mike to return fantasy value in 2018, heís going to have to win an intramural battle of the Williamses.

Bottom Line

His rookie season was a washout, but Williams is a remarkable physical specimen who could come on fast.

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