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Mike Wallace

Wide Receiver • Eagles

2018 Projections

70 40 748 3


Saddled with subpar quarter-back play ever since leaving Pittsburgh following the 2012 season, Wallace returns to Pennsylvania and once again gets to play with a quality quarterback, now that he’s hooked up with Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles. Wallace is still a big-play threat, even though he’ll be 32 when the season begins. He’ll play in three-WR sets along with Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor, and while the presence of those two and stud TE Zach Ertz limits Wallace’s target volume, he might be just an injury away from becoming a major fantasy asset.


With the number of quality pass catchers the Eagles have on hand, it’s hard to see Wallace matching the 92 targets he had in Baltimore last season. Wallace will need to build rapport with Wentz, and that might be hard to do with Wentz sure to be brought back cautiously from a torn ACL.

Bottom Line

Wallace is still a pretty good receiver, though it’s sometimes been hard to tell because of the series of mediocre quarterbacks he’s played with in recent years. Lousy QB play shouldn’t be a problem for him anymore, but target volume will be an issue.

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