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Mike Gesicki

Tight End • Dolphins

2018 Projections

31 346 4


The Dolphins selected Gesicki in the second round of the draft. He holds the Penn State record for most receptions by a tight end. In 2017, he caught 57 balls and nine touchdowns -- both career marks. At 6-6, 252 pounds, Gesicki has been described by scouts as a “freakish” athlete, after running a 4.54 40 and recording jumps of 41.5” (vertical) and 129” (broad) at the combine.


His receiving yardage dipped his senior year. After recording 679 yards his junior season, Gesicki had 563 yards last season. The Dolphins have not gotten much production from the TE position in recent years.

Bottom Line

Gesicki is worth a late-round flier. Rookie tight ends don’t often produce, but every once in a while (see: Engram, Evan in 2017) there is an exception to the rule. Gesicki has the talent to be that guy. Head coach Adam Gase will work to maximize Gesicki’s unique talents.

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