Mike Evans

Wide Receiver • Buccaneers

2018 Projections

156 82 1120 9


The 6-5, 231-pound Evans is the most physically imposing receiver in the league, with an enormous wingspan and the brute strength to outmuscle smaller defenders. He’ll turn 25 just weeks before the start of the season, yet he has already authored four 1,000-yard seasons, and his best years are probably yet to come. An inviting red-zone target, Evans had 12 TD catches as a rookie in 2014 and another 12 touchdowns in 2016. Two seasons ago, Evans led all WRs in fantasy scoring and had a league-high 175 targets.


Yes, Evans topped the 1,000-yard mark in 2017, but his overall fantasy numbers were a disappointment. His yardage total was the lowest of his four-year career, and his TD production plummeted. His only 100-yard game came in Week 15, and he had just one TD catch after Week Seven. Evans doesn’t pick up a lot of yardage after the catch. Of his 1,001 receiving yards last season, only 115 came after the catch. (For sake of comparison, fellow Bucs WR Adam Humphries gained 290 yards after the catch last season.)

Bottom Line

Evans has accomplished a great deal at a young age, and one of these years he might put up numbers that drop our jaws. As it is, he’s established a firm yardage floor and has shown that he has a great deal of TD upside. But Evans doesn’t do much after the catch, and his seasonal TD production has been all over the map. There’s a lot to like here, but there are just enough blemishes to push him into the middle to latter part of the second round.

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