Michael Thomas

Wide Receiver • Saints

2018 Projections

150 100 1222 8


Proving that his fine rookie season was no fluke, Thomas raised his reception and yardage totals and went from ninth in WR fantasy scoring to eighth. Thomas finished third in the NFL in receptions last year and caught 69.8 percent of his targets. As the go-to receiver for future Hall-of-Fame QB Drew Brees, Thomas ranked sixth in the NFL in targets and had a whopping target share of 27.8 percent. He saw double-digit targets in eight regular-season games last season, and there were only two games in which he saw fewer than eight targets. The Saints were unexpectedly run-heavy last year. If they throw more this season and Thomas can maintain that sort of a target share, he could potentially lead the league in catches. Thomas is only 25, and in all likelihood, his best years are still ahead of him.


There arenít many nits to pick with a player whoís achieved so much in his first two professional seasons, but last seasonís TD total was somewhat of a letdown. Thomas doesnít have blazing speed and isnít much of a bomb threat, though he tends to make up for it in sheer volume.

Bottom Line

One of the best young receivers in the game, Thomas is a high-volume pass catcher, and the guy throwing him the ball just happens to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Expect a third straight season of big numbers from Thomas.

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