Michael Gallup

Wide Receiver • Cowboys

2018 Projections

96 50 686 4


No team needed WR help in the draft more than the Cowboys, so Gallup hit the rookie-opportunity jackpot when Dallas took him in the third round. He’ll have a chance to make a substantial rookie impact right away on a team that no longer has Dez Bryant or Jason Witten on the roster. After playing at a community college for two years, Gallup transferred to Colorado State and had 176 catches, 2,690 yards and 21 TD catches in two seasons with the Rams. Gallup has a nice combination of size (6-1, 205), speed (4.51) and athleticism.


Gallup is considered a somewhat raw prospect who needs to polish his route running and work on his ball skills. The Cowboys figure to be one of the more run-heavy teams in the league. Without a true alpha receiver on the Dallas roster, Gallup could potentially see coverage from opponents’ best cover men.

Bottom Line

Gallup has a chance to put up decent numbers right away for the WR-thin Cowboys, though we should probably keep expectations in check for a third-rounder who didn’t face a lot of top-level competition in college.

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