Matt Breida

Running Back • 49ers

2018 Projections

94 384 2 22 186 1


An undrafted free agent out of Georgia Southern, Breida became an impor-tant contributor to the San Francisco offense as a rookie. He made small but notice-able contributions early, then was asked to do more as the season wore on, getting double-digit carries in four of the Ninersí last five games. In college, Breida had two years of astounding production -- 3,094 rushing yards, 35 touchdowns, 8.3 yards per carry -- before a disappointing senior season that might have been partially attributable to a coaching change.


At 5-10 and 190 pounds, Breida isnít built to handle a heavy load, and while he proved capable as a pass catcher last year, heís certainly not in the Duke Johnson/Christian McCaffrey class. The arrival of Jerick McKinnon via free agency could squeeze Breida for playing time.

Bottom Line

Breida was efficient with his touches as a rookie, and some of his college numbers are eye-opening. Itís at least worth keeping Breidaís name in your waiver-wire Rolodex.

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