Marvin Jones

Wide Receiver • Lions

2018 Projections

101 59 910 7


Jones finally played up to his full potential in 2017 and turned in the best season of his five-year career, finishing fifth in fantasy scoring among wide receivers. His 18.0 yards per catch led all NFL receivers with enough receptions to qualify, and he established a new career high in receiving yardage. Jones topped the 100-yard mark three times last year, and he had a pair of two-TD games, including a 6-109-2 day against the coverage of ace Minnesota CB Xavier Rhodes on Thanksgiving Day. Jones seems to have established excellent chemistry with Matthew Stafford and has become one of the league’s most dangerous deep threats.


As a vertical receiver, Jones probably isn’t going to post big reception totals, reducing his value somewhat in PPR leagues. He averaged a modest 6.8 targets per game last season, and Jones could see even fewer targets this year, if young Lions WR Kenny Golladay starts to come on. There were four games last year in which Golladay had 60 or more receiving yards, and in those four games Jones averaged just 4.0 targets.

Bottom Line

A dangerous downfield playmaker, Jones makes a fine fantasy WR3 and could push for WR2 value, but the potential emergence of Kenny Golladay could chip away at Jones’ target count.

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