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Martavis Bryant

Wide Receiver • Raiders

2018 Projections

87 46 681 5


Bryant is one of the most physically gifted receivers in the league, with a 6-4, 211-pound frame, giant wing-span and 4.42 speed. He finished the 2017 season strong, with 15 catches for 262 yards and two touchdowns over his last four games, including the playoffs. Bryant has serious big-play potential: Of his 126 career regular-season receptions, 13.5 percent have gone for touchdowns and 8.7 percent have covered 40 or more yards. Bryant’s path to fantasy relevance in Pittsburgh had been blocked by Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster, but a trade to the Raiders opens up a more reasonable path to steady targets


Although Bryant has less target competition in Oakland, he could still end up a No. 3 receiver behind Amari Cooper and Jordy Nelson. The change of venue could work against Bryant, if he doesn’t work diligently to learn a new offense and get on the same page with QB Derek Carr. Bryant served a four-game suspension in 2015 for violating the league’s substance- abuse policy, then missed the entire 2016 season for a subsequent violation.

Bottom Line

Bryant has so much raw talent that fantasy owners are compelled to keep tabs on him, and the move to Oakland could free up targets for him. He’s a high-risk, high-reward investment.

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