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Marshawn Lynch

Running Back • Raiders

2018 Projections

206 878 7 22 169


It was fair to wonder whether Lynch could still be effective when he came out of retirement last year in order to play for his hometown team, the Raiders. Maybe he wasn’t quite the same “Beast Mode” runner as he had been in Seattle, but he was still a reasonable facsimile of the guy who produced 1,000-yard rushing seasons and double-digit touchdowns in four consecutive seasons from 2011-14. Used judiciously early in the season, Lynch got a heavier workload in November and December and started to churn out useful fantasy numbers. Over his last eight games, Lynch ran 135 times for 625 yards (4.6 YPC) and five touchdowns. In December, he had 100-yard rushing games against the Giants and Chargers, plus a 95-yard rushing day against the Eagles. Lynch is committed to playing at least one more season in Oakland.


While age hasn’t caught up to Lynch yet, Father Time has traditionally not been kind to running backs in their 30s. Lynch doesn’t offer much as a receiver; in 11 NFL seasons he’s exceeded 37 receptions only once. The Raiders ranked 23rd in scoring last season and don’t appear to have made significant improvements, so Lynch’s TD upside could be limited.

Bottom Line

There are obviously risks involved with a 32-year-old running back who already has retired once, but Lynch proved last season that he can still get it done. His value takes a hit in PPR leagues, but he’d make a solid RB3 in standard-scoring leagues.

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