Marquise Goodwin

Wide Receiver • 49ers

2018 Projections

95 50 805 4


Merely a bit player during his first four years in the league, Goodwin emerged as a significant offensive contributor in 2017. After 49ers WR Pierre Garcon sustained a season-ending neck injury at midseason, Goodwin had 36 catches for 613 yards and two touchdowns over San Francisco’s last eight games. Seemingly convinced of Goodwin’s value, the 49ers awarded him a three-year, $20.3-million contract extension that includes more than $10 million in guaranteed money. Goodwin has forged a productive connection with 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo, one of the best young passers in the league.


Garcon will be back and figures to reassume his role as the 49ers’ primary possession receiver, so Goodwin can’t be expected to see the same sort of target volume that he saw over the second half of last season. As impressive as he was last year, Goodwin found the end zone only twice. It might seem as if Goodwin is a young receiver, since his breakthrough came last year, but he’ll turn 28 in November.

Bottom Line

An ascendant receiver in an improved passing attack, Goodwin should be a useful fantasy commodity in 2018, though he shouldn’t be expected to match the sort of numbers he posted late last year while Pierre Garcon was out.

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