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Marlon Mack

Running Back • Colts

2018 Projections

150 585 3 26 221 1


Mack spent his rookie season backing up veteran Frank Gore and wound up playing only 34 percent of the Coltsí offensive snaps. With Gore now a member of the Dolphins, Mack has a chance to play a bigger role in 2018. The speedy Mack can be electric in the open field, as he demonstrated during his college career at the University of South Florida. The anticipated return of QB Andrew Luck could be the rising tide that lifts all ships in the Indianapolis offense, and Mack is a potential beneficiary.


Gore is gone, but the Colts drafted Nyheim Hines and Jordan Wilkins, which means that Mack will still have ample competition for touches. Mack didnít have more than 11 carries in any game last season, and itís somewhat suspicious that the Colts never auditioned him for a larger role even after their playoff aspirations were quickly dashed. The 5-11, 210-pound Mack has a habit of bouncing too many of his runs to the outside.

Bottom Line

Maybe weíll see Mack achieve liftoff in his second NFL season, but he enters training camp as a committee back with upside.

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