Mark Ingram

Running Back • Saints

2018 Projections

165 780 7 38 277 1


It took Ingram six years to record his first 1,000-yard rushing season, and heís now done it two years in a row. Even with the emergence of teammate Alvin Kamara as a young star, Ingram still managed to post career highs in rushing yardage, receiving yardage and touchdowns. He ranked sixth in RB fantasy scoring last season and has been in the top 13 for four consecutive seasons. Ingram has an established role in one of the NFLís best offenses, which sets a fairly high fantasy floor for him.


Although Ingram had career highs in rushing attempts and recep-tions last season, it stood to reason that the explosive, multi-faceted Kamara would cut into the veteranís workload -- even before Ingram was popped with a four-game performance-enhancing drug suspen-sion in May. Ingramís usage in the running game peaked in the middle of the regular season, and from Week 11 on, he had no more than 14 rushing attempts in any game.

Bottom Line

Ingram has become increasingly more valuable over the course of his seven seasons in New Orleans, but the emergence of Kamara, and Ingramís time away to begin the season, poses a threat to his workload in 2018 and beyond. Ingram might still provide RB2 numbers, but if his touch volume falls off significantly, heíll need to be highly efficient in order to pay off for fantasy owners.

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