Marcus Mariota

Quarterback • Titans

2018 Projections

278 444 3525 22 10 359 3


In the course of leading the Titans last season, Mariota threw for 3,232 yards in 15 regular-season games. He added five touchdowns and 312 yards rushing. The No. 2 overall pick of the 2016 draft, Mariota is a threat with his arm and with his legs. In 2017, he threw for at least 300 yards in two games, and led his team to an upset victory at Kansas City in the playoffs.


Mariota has struggled with injuries during his three seasons. He missed four games his rookie year due to two separate knee sprains. In 2016, he fractured a fibula in the second-to-last game of the season. He missed one game last year with a thigh/hamstring issue. The Titans expected to see Mariota progress in 2017, but he actually went backwards with 13 TD passes and 15 interceptions. His 79.3 passer rating was the lowest of his career.

Bottom Line

Mariota has shown flashes. However, he has yet to post QB1 numbers in any of his three NFL seasons. Itís possible that 2018 will be his breakout season. Mediocre numbers and an injury history should temper that wishful thinking. Mariotaís running ability and reputation as a fan favorite will get him drafted in most leagues, but the advice here is to make sure heís the second QB you select.

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