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LeSean McCoy

Running Back • Bills

2018 Projections

265 1167 6 56 434 2


McCoy will be 30 when the new season begins, but he’s been aging gracefully and is once again expected to be the prime mover in the Buffalo offense. After finishing third in fantasy scoring among running backs in 2016, he ranked seventh last year. McCoy not only had the sixth 1,000-yard rushing season of his nine-year career, he had his highest reception total since 2010. The Jaguars were the only team that ran more frequently last season than the Bills, who rushed the ball on 48.2 percent of their offensive snaps. That isn’t likely to change this season, as the Bills don’t have the firepower at quarterback or wide receiver to be pass heavy.


Granted, not all running backs age at the same rate, but McCoy has logged 133 regular-season games and 2,626 touches. He’s reached an age where most RBs are in the slow-down phase, if not the hit-the-wall phase. Buffalo’s seemingly weak QB situation might allow opposing defenses to load the box with seven or eight defenders to slow down McCoy and force the Bills to throw.

Bottom Line

McCoy has a long track record as a fantasy ace, and he’s poised to be a major contributor yet again. His age increases the risk factor, and the Bills’ offense could limit his touchdown potential. Still, he’s a worthwhile invest-ment in the second round of fantasy drafts.

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