Leonard Fournette

Running Back • Jaguars

2018 Projections

280 1123 9 39 309


The Jaguars selected Fournette with the fourth overall pick in last year’s draft, and he didn’t disappoint them. He topped the 1,000-yard mark in rushing and scored 10 touchdowns in 13 games. The rugged Fournette finished eighth in rushing yardage and eighth in RB fantasy scoring, despite missing three contests -- one with a foot injury, one with a quad injury and one for disciplinary reasons after breaking a team rule. He averaged 20.6 carries in the regular season and 23.3 carries in the Jaguars’ three playoff games. Fournette is in line for a workhorse role again this year, and his powerful running style makes him Jacksonville’s undisputed goal-line back.


Durability is a concern, as Fournette has had foot, ankle and toe problems dating back to his college career. Injuries limited him to seven games in his final season at LSU and cost him a pair of games last year. Fournette isn’t a total zero in the passing game by any means, but there were only two games in which he had more than 24 receiving yards.

Bottom Line

Fantasy owners have to love that the Jaguars are committed to pounding the rock with Fournette, and his talent as a runner is beyond question. The question is how comfortable you feel drafting a heavy-duty runner with a history of foot problems.

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