LeGarrette Blount

Running Back • Lions

2018 Projections

98 421 3 5 34


If there was a question about whether Blount could make a meaningful contribution anywhere but in the Patriotsí system, the big veteran settled the matter by making valuable contributions to the Eaglesí championship drive, highlighted by a 14-90-1 rushing performance against his old team in the Super Bowl. Now with the Lions, the 6-0, 250-pound Blount remains a load to tackle, and heís been an effective goal-line runner.


After the TD bonanza of 2016, Blount only managed to find the end zone three times in the 2017 regular season. Heís a plodder who doesnít have big-play speed and doesnít catch passes. With Theo Riddick entrenched as a third-down back, and with Ameer Abdullah and rookie Kerryon Johnson also competing for touches, Blount might be limited to goal-line and short-yardage duty. Detroitís offensive line certainly isnít one of the NFLís better run-blocking units.

Bottom Line

Blountís battering-ram style might not age well, and the yardage upside is limited, but the 31-year-old veteran still has the potential to score quite a few touchdowns.

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