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Latavius Murray

Running Back • Vikings

2018 Projections

108 429 4 20 141


Written off by many after three up-and-down years in Oakland, Murray became a key contributor to the Vikings last season after rookie Dalvin Cook tore his ACL in Week Four. From Week Five through the end of the regular season, Murray averaged 18.6 carries and 67.0 rushing yards for Minnesota, with eight TD runs in 12 games. Murray has scored 20 regular-season touchdowns over theplast two years. Murray wonít be getting a 50-50 workload split the way he did after the Cook injury, but he figures to be the undisputed No. 2 in the Minnesota backfield.


Cook looked terrific before his injury last year, and if he proves himself fit in August, itís possible heíll serve as a workhorse, leaving little for Murray to do. Murray isnít much of a pass catcher, so he doesnít have third-down work to fall back on.

Bottom Line

Murray helped a lot of fantasy owners last year, but his path to fantasy relevance is cluttered this year with Cook on his way back from a knee injury. At the very least, Murray will be a potentially valuable handcuff.

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