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Lamar Miller

Running Back • Texans

2018 Projections

211 802 5 34 258 1


OK, so maybe he isnít cut out to be a workhorse after all, but Miller is still a pretty decent NFL running back. Heís averaged just a shade under 1,200 yards from scrimmage over the last five years. The 5-10, 225-pound Miller still has excellent speed for a bigger back and is capable of breaking tackles. Miller has been durable, missing only two games over the last five years, despite logging 1,271 touches over that span.


When Miller averaged 4.6 yards per carry during a four-year run as a committee back in Miami, fantasy owners clamored for him to get full-time work. The Texans have given it to him, and the results have been rather disappointing. Miller hasnít been awful, but heís been ... well, heís been the sort of running back who appears better suited for part-time work. Heís averaged 3.9 yards per carry during his two years in Houston, heís scored 12 TDs over that span, and he didnít have a single 100-yard rushing day last year. The Texans may give powerful, young RB DíOnta Foreman a chance to unseat Miller as the starter. Even if Miller continues to start, heís likely to share work.

Bottom Line

Millerís fantasy value is trending downward. Once perceived as a low-end RB1 or high-end RB2, he now figures to be a low-end RB2 at best.

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