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Kerryon Johnson

Running Back • Lions

2018 Projections

144 576 4 22 178 1


The Lions traded up to land Johnson early in the second round of the draft. Detroit had a major vacancy for an early-down back, and Johnson will be the favorite to start for a team that has put a lot of effort into upgrading its run blocking. After playing a backup role as a freshman and splitting work as a sophomore, Johnson played a leading role for Auburn in 2017 and ran for 1,391 yards and 18 touchdowns while facing strong competition in the tough SEC. Although he carries only 212 pounds on a 6-0 frame, Johnson is a powerful inside runner who might have goal-line potential.


With his upright running style and willingness to absorb contact, durability could become an issue for Johnson. His build isnít exactly ideal for his volatile running style.

Bottom Line

Not everyone regarded Johnson as one of the top prospects in this yearís RB class, but the Lions, a team with a screaming need at running back, drafted him very aggressively. That bodes well for his 2018 fantasy value.

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