Kenyan Drake

Running Back • Dolphins

2018 Projections

200 878 5 40 289 2


After the Dolphins traded away Jay Ajayi in late October and Damien Williams sustained a significant shoulder injury a few weeks later, Drake became Miamiís workhorse, and he thrived in the role. Over his final five games, he ran 91 times for 444 yards (4.9 YPC) and two touchdowns, had 17 receptions for 150 yards and averaged 118.8 yards from scrimmage. Considering how well Drake performed down the stretch, he figures to play a significant role in Miami head coach Adam Gaseís offense this year.


Gase is on record as saying he prefers a multi-pronged approach at running back rather than relying on a workhorse. The Dolphins signed the seemingly ageless Frank Gore in free agency, and they also drafted Kalen Ballage, so donít expect Drake to play the same sort of bell-cow role he played last December. With some major holes on the roster, the Dolphins might not win a lot of games, which could make for some unfavorable game scripts for Drake.

Bottom Line

Likely to be overdrafted based on his impressive performance late last season, Drake seems destined to share work in a mediocre offense this year.

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