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Kenny Stills

Wide Receiver • Dolphins

2018 Projections

96 54 794 5


A home-run threat with a career average of 16.1 yards per catch, Stills has a chance to see a volume uptick now that Jarvis Landry has left Miami. Stills started all 16 games for the Dolphins last season and saw a career-high 106 targets. He turned in some big fantasy performances last year, including 7-180-1 against the Buccaneers and a 6-85-2 day against the Jets. Stills combines decent size (6-1, 196 pounds) with sub-4.4. speed. He has five NFL seasons under his belt, yet hes only 26 years old and might be able to take his game up another notch.


Because hes a field stretcher rather than a possession guy, Stills is a feast-or-famine contributor. Over the last two years, hes produced fewer than 50 receiving yards in 19 of 32 games. The Dolphins have one of the shakier QB situations in the league.

Bottom Line

Stills is a splash-play specialist who tends to sandwich big games in between quiet weeks. Theres a chance hell get a target bump this year, now that Jarvis Landry is no longer a member of the Dolphins, but Stills is the sort of player whos more valuable in best-ball leagues than in conventional leagues because of his boom-or-bust production profile.

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