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Kenny Golladay

Wide Receiver • Lions

2018 Projections

67 38 555 4


A hamstring injury interrupted his promising rookie season, but Golladay book-ended the year very convincingly, catching two TD passes against the Cardinals in Week One and producing a season-high 80 receiving yards and a touchdown against the Packers in Week 17. Golladay is a big (6-4, 213), muscular receiver who runs well for his size and has already demonstrated that he can be a dangerous downfield playmaker.


A third-round draft pick last year, Golladay is still an unrefined pass catcher who might not hit full stride for another year or two. He has two very good receivers -- Golden Tate and Marvin Jones -- ahead of him on the depth chart, so barring injury, he’ll be locked into a third-WR role.

Bottom Line

Golladay demonstrated as a rookie that he has a bright future, but Golden Tate and Marvin Jones have him logjammed in Detroit, limiting his immediate fantasy upside.

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