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Kelvin Benjamin

Wide Receiver • Bills

2018 Projections

100 57 809 5


The 6-5, 245-pound Benjamin is a gigantic receiver capable of physically dominating opposing cornerbacks, particularly in the red zone. He had nine TD catches as a rookie in 2014, and he had seven TD catches in 2016 after missing all of 2015 with a torn ACL. Benjaminís production was down across the board last season, but in fairness, he was hampered by a torn meniscus in his knee for much of the season. The Bills are thin at receiver beyond Benjamin, so he has a chance to see a boatload of targets.


The Billsí QB situation is among the shakiest in the league, with unproven veteran AJ McCarron keeping the seat warm for rookie Josh Allen. After scoring four touchdowns in four games to begin the 2016 season, Benjamin has had only six TD catches in his last 26 games. With a career catch rate of just 53.8 percent, Benjamin needs target volume in order to produce, and heís averaged a modest 6.5 targets a game over the past two years. Benjamin has now dealt with two significant knee injuries since 2015.

Bottom Line

The king-sized Benjamin should get plenty of targets in Buffalo this season if he can stay healthy, but the QB situation looks bleak, which caps Benjaminís TD upside.

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