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Keenan Allen

Wide Receiver • Chargers

2018 Projections

154 99 1286 6


Plagued by injuries for much of his career, Allen stayed healthy all season and enjoyed a watershed 2017 campaign. He finished third in WR fantasy scoring, third in receiving yardage, fourth in receptions and fifth in targets. Allen topped the 100-yard mark seven times last year. In a memorable three-game stretch covering Weeks 11-13, he had 33 catches for 436 yards and four touchdowns. The undisputed go-to guy for QB Philip Rivers, Allen had double-digit targets in nine games and had a 27.3 percent share of team targets. Allen had averaged only 10.5 yards per catch from 2014 to 2016, but last year he averaged a zesty 13.7 yards per catch. Although he has five NFL seasons under his belt, Allen is just 26 years old.


Allenís medical history is con-cern-ing. He missed the last two games of 2014 with a broken collarbone, lost half of his 2015 season to a lacerated kidney, and he tore his ACL in the 2016 season opener. Allen hasnít been a prolific TD scorer, with 22 touchdowns in 54 career games. Because he doesnít score many touchdowns and isnít much of a vertical threat, he needs to catch a lot of passes in order to pay off for owners, and that means heíll have to withstand a lot of physical punishment to put up big numbers.

Bottom Line

The Keenan Allen truthers were finally rewarded in 2017 when he stayed healthy and put together a big year. Yes, Allen has a worrisome injury history, but if he can stay healthy again, he should continue to produce gargantuan reception and yardage totals.

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