Keelan Cole

Wide Receiver • Jaguars

2018 Projections

59 32 479 3


An undrafted free agent from Kentucky Wesleyan, Cole led the Jaguars in receiving yardage last year and ranked second among qualified NFL receivers in yards per catch. He caught fire in December, with three TD catches for the month and 99 or more receiving yards in three of his last four regular-season games. He’s a vertical receiver, so his skill set complements those of possession receiver Marqise Lee and short-area receiver Dede Westbrook. In his final three college seasons, Cole had 205 catches for 4,323 yards and 53 touchdowns.


Cole doesn’t have great speed and may not be able to get open consistently. The Jaguars are not a pass-happy team, and yet they have a crowded WR stable that also includes free-agent addition Donte Moncrief, a vertical receiver with better size and speed than Cole.

Bottom Line

Completely unknown to most fantasy owners a year ago, Cole came out of nowhere and was a late-season pickup in a lot of leagues last year. He might not be worth drafting in average-sized league, but Cole might make a good waive-wire option at some point.

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