Kareem Hunt

Running Back • Chiefs

2018 Projections

240 1025 8 50 430 2


Hunt claimed the NFL rushing title as a rookie, running for 1,327 yards. The third-round draft pick out of Toledo had a memorable NFL debut, with 17-148-1 rushing and 5-98-2 receiving in a 42-27 win over the Patriots in the nationally televised Thursday night opener. Hunt had more than 100 yards from scrimmage in each of his first seven games last year. He also finished strong, scoring at least one touchdown in each of his last four regular-season games and cranking out 362 rushing yards over the three-week stretch from Week 14 to Week 16. Hunt is a versatile run-catch threat, and he has the advantage of playing for the innovative Andy Reid, one of the NFLís most accomplished offensive architects.


After the fast start, Hunt went through a midseason drought, averaging 42.6 rushing yards and 16.4 receiving yards over a five-game stretch from late October to early December and failing to score a touchdown during that span. Although Hunt was used in a heavy-duty role last year, averaging 20.3 touches per game, that was largely out of necessity, after Chiefs RB Spencer Ware sustained a season-ending knee injury in late August. Ware is back, and the Chiefs also acquired ex-Dolphin Damien Williams in free agency, so this might be more of a multi-pronged backfield in 2018.

Bottom Line

Huntís rookie season was triumphant, and he should continue to play a big role for the Chiefs, but he might not get quite the same volume of work that he had last season.

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