Kalen Ballage

Running Back • Dolphins

2018 Projections

37 137 26 209 2


Athletically, Ballage is one of the most impressive running backs in this rookie class. Measuring at 6-foot-1 and 227 pounds, Ballage ran an eye-opening 40 time of 4.46 seconds at the NFL Scouting Combine. He’s a powerful inside runner with the speed to burst through holes, and he showed some pass-catching ability during his college career at Arizona State. Dolphins head coach Adam Gase hsa expressed the desire to use multiple backs, so Ballage should see action immediately.


A somewhat puzzling prospect, Ballage doesn’t always play up to his physical abilities. He never ran for more than 669 yards in any of his four years with the Sun Devils and averaged a pedestrian 4.4 yards per carry for his career. His run vision is questionable, and his lateral agility is below average. Ballage may play a role for the Dolphins early on, but Kenyan Drake is entrenched as the lead back.

Bottom Line

Based on his size and athleticism, you’d think Ballage would be a world beater, but his college résumé is rather light. If he can get his physical tools to translate to the pro game, he could be a fantasy contributor right away.

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