Julio Jones

Wide Receiver • Falcons

2018 Projections

157 91 1437 7


Money in the bank as a yardage producer, Jones has exceeded 1,400 receiving yards in each of the last four years, averaging 1,579 yards a season during that run and ranking no lower than third in receiving yards in any of those years. Falcons QB Matt Ryan knows where his bread is buttered and has great faith in his star receiver. Over the last three seasons, Jones has been targeted 646 times, trailing only Antonio Brown in targets over that stretch. Jones has averaged 6.2 receptions per game over his seven-year career. A dangerous playmaker, Jones ranked eighth among qualified receivers in yards per catch last season and has averaged 15.5 yards per catch over his career.


Jonesí 2017 TD total was a major disappointment, and his TD production has lagged his reception and yardage totals for years. Jones hasnít scored more than eight touchdowns in a season since 2012. Despite his prodigious yardage totals over the last four years, heís averaged just 5.8 TD catches a year over that period.

Bottom Line

Jones racks up incredible reception and yardage totals, but his lack of touchdowns relative to other top receivers can be slightly frustrating. That small wart leaves him just out of the top three at the position, and it makes him an early-second-round value in standard-scoring leagues rather than a first-rounder.

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