Julian Edelman

Wide Receiver • Patriots

2018 Projections

120 81 915 4


Tom Brady’s trusted slot man is back after missing all of 2017 with a torn ACL. In 2016, Edelman finished third in the league in targets with 159, and fourth in receptions with 98. A valuable PPR asset, Edelman has had more than 90 receptions in three of the last five years. With the Patriots’ offseason trade of Brandin Cooks to the Rams, New England no longer has a mega-producer among its outside receivers, so Edelman’s target allotment looks pretty secure.


The 32-year-old Edelman has missed an average of 4.6 games a season over his nine-year career. He’s coming back from a major knee injury, he missed seven games with a broken foot in 2015 and has had other foot problems during his career, and he’s sustained multiple concussions. Edelman has a career average of 10.7 yards per catch and has never scored more than seven touchdowns in a single season.

Bottom Line

Back from the knee injury that erased his 2017 season, Edelman should slide right back into the high-volume, PPR-friendly role he’s served for Tom Brady and the Patriots since 2013. The only negatives here are the lack of touchdowns and the injury risk.

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