Josh Doctson

Wide Receiver • Washington

2018 Projections

89 46 657 5


After playing just two games in his rookie season before an Achillesí injury put him on the shelf, Doctson played all 16 games last season and scored six touchdowns, showing flashes of the big-play potential heíd demonstrated so often during his college career at TCU. The 6-foot-2 Doctson has a 41-inch vertical leap, giving him a tremendous catch radius (which he used to full effect on a couple of acrobatic TD grabs last year). Although Doctson has some target competition in Washington, itís not inconceivable that he could emerge as the teamís No. 1 receiver


Doctson had 35 receptions on 78 targets last year for a woeful catch rate of 44.9 percent. Heíll have to compete for targets with slot man Jamison Crowder, free-agent addition Paul Richardson and, if heís healthy, TE Jordan Reed. Doctson will also have to build rapport with new Redskins QB Alex Smith. Doctson didnít have more than four catches in any game last season, and only once did he have more than 61 receiving yards.

Bottom Line

The 22nd overall pick in the 2015 draft, Doctson has the potential to become a must-start fantasy contributor, but the early returns on the 25-year-old havenít been very encouraging. To invest anything more than a late-round pick on him in fantasy drafts would be a major leap of faith.

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