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Jordy Nelson

Wide Receiver • Raiders

2018 Projections

112 63 770 5


Nelson was surprisingly unproductive in 2017, but heís only two years removed from a 1,257-yard, 14-TD campaign. He knows how to find the end zone, with 63 touchdowns over his last six seasons (not counting the season he missed with a torn ACL in 2015). He had six TD catches in Green Bayís first five games last season before a shoulder injury knocked out Aaron Rodgers for most of the year. Nelson has had four 1,000-yard seasons since 2011, and heís finished in the top three in WR fantasy scoring three times over that span.


Is Nelson washed up at age 33? Dating back to last season, heís had fewer than 80 receiving yards in 19 consecutive games, including the playoffs. The temptation is to chalk up Nelsonís poor 2017 numbers to the shoulder injury that shelved Rodgers, and that might be fair. But Nelsonís catch and yardage numbers were down even before Rodgers got hurt, and he had only three catches for 28 yards when Rodgers came back to make a late-season start against Carolina. Nelson now finds himself part of a lesser passing attack in Oakland, and heís expected to play a complementary role behind Amari Cooper.

Bottom Line

It wasnít long ago that Nelson was one of the NFLís best receivers, but his performance last year suggests that he may have hit the wall. Itís possible he has us fooled and will once again put up big numbers, but we recommend caution with Nelson in 2018 fantasy drafts.

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