Jordan Wilkins

Running Back • Colts

2018 Projections

68 273 2 10 82


With Frank Gore now in Miami, the Colts have carries available. Indianapolis selected Wilkins in the fifth round after drafting Nyheim Hines in the fourth, but while Hines profiles as a passing-down back, Wilkins could be used on early downs and at the goal line, and his primary competitors for early-down carries are Marlon Mack and Christine Michael, neither of whom has enjoyed sustained NFL success to date. Wilkins averaged 6.5 yards per carry in his final season at Ole Miss, the second-highest YPC in the SEC. If he can gain traction in the Colts offense, heíll be operating behind a refurbished O-line that should be vastly improved in 2018.


Wilkins had only one year of significant college production. Heís not an especially physical runner, and his pass blocking may not be adequate at the NFL level. As a late fifth-rounder, he wonít have anything handed to him and will have to perform well in camp and the preseason to earn a role.

Bottom Line

Wilkins isnít one of the more heralded members of this yearís rookie RB class, but he landed in a good spot and is an intriguing sleeper candidate.

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