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Jonathan Stewart

Running Back • Giants

2018 Projections

93 366 3 8 56


After 10 years with the Panthers, Stewart signed a two-year, $6.9 million deal with the Giants and will be reunited with new Giants offensive coordinator Mike Shula, who was the OC in Carolina from 2013 to 2017. Stewart has scored 23 touchdowns over the last three seasons and remains a dependable inside runner.


The Giants didnít draft Saquon Barkley second overall with the intention of letting him sit on the bench. If Barkley is healthy, heíll dominate offensive snaps. Now 31 years old, Stewart averaged a career-worst 3.4 yards per carry last season, and his per-carry average has fallen in each of the last three years. Heís a zero as a pass catcher, with fewer than 100 receiving yards in each of the last three seasons and four of the last five. Giants RB Wayne Gallman is younger and more versatile than Stewart, and both veterans could spend most of their time cheering on Barkley from the sidelines.

Bottom Line

The arrow is pointing down, and it likely will take an injury to Barkley to help J-Stew cling to fantasy relevance a bit longer.

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