John Ross

Wide Receiver • Bengals

2018 Projections

44 21 342 2


The ninth overall pick in last yearís draft barely saw the field last year, but the Bengals donít have a strong No. 2 receiver behind leading man A.J. Green, so Ross has a chance to play significant snaps this year, despite his rookie struggles. He has exquisite speed, breaking the scouting combine record in the 40-yard dash last year by clocking in at 4.22 seconds. In his final year at the University of Washington, he had 81 catches for 1,150 yards and 17 touchdowns.


Ross had a nightmarish rookie season, playing only three games and failing to catch a single pass. His only touch of the year was a rushing attempt that resulted in a lost fumble in a Thursday-night game against the Texans. Ross had only one season of high-level college production and has a troubling medical history. In 2014, he had microfracture surgery for a torn meniscus in his right knee. In 2015, he tore his left ACL and meniscus. He had labrum surgery in early 2017, and he dealt with a sprained knee last season.

Bottom Line

Some fantasy owners will be inclined to see Ross as a potential sleeper based on his draft pedigree, but maybe the Bengals simply squandered a top-10 draft pick on an injury-prone player who was a one-year wonder in college. Itís too early to dismiss Ross entirely, but we recommend monitoring his development from afar.

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