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John Kelly

Running Back • Rams

2018 Projections

46 189 1 13 97


As with fellow University of Tennessee running back Alvin Kamara, Kelly comes to the NFL with a limited college résumé but an impressive skill set. The 5-9, 205-pound Kelly is undersized but tough. He has enough power to run between the tackles, and he has upside as a pass catcher, having caught 37 balls last year with the Vols. Kelly should slide in directly behind Todd Gurley on the Rams’ RB depth chart, giving him handcuff value.


His size certainly isn’t ideal, and his résumé is brief. He was a backup as a freshman and sophomore, and he didn’t light the world on fire in his junior-year sendoff, with 189 carries for 778 yards and nine TDs. This is a placeholder sentence, to be added immediately after the NFL Draft, offering a reason or two why this player might not provide much fantasy help as a rookie.

Bottom Line

Kelly is apt to be sought after by Gurley owners as an essential insurance policy, but his stand-alone value is nil as long as Gurley remains upright.

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