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John Brown

Wide Receiver • Ravens

2018 Projections

67 34 483 3


The receiver-needy Ravens signed Brown to a one-year, $5-million contract loaded with incentives, and he projects to be a starter. Brown was a 1,000-yard receiver in 2015 and remains a dangerous deep threat with sub-4.4 speed. With so many targets up for grabs in Baltimore, Brown could quickly carve out a prominent role.


Brown missed six games with turf toe and a quad injury last season. He carries the sickle-cell trait, which has reportedly slowed his recovery from injuries. Over the least two years, the 5-11, 179-pound Brown has scored five touchdowns in 25 games and has caught 46.9 percent of his targets. The Ravens ranked 29th in passing last year.

Bottom Line

Brown offers big-play upside and has a chance to play a significant role, but hes had a hard time staying healthy in recent years, and the Baltimore passing game could be among the worst in the league.

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