Joe Mixon

Running Back • Bengals

2018 Projections

229 913 6 40 328 1


His rookie season might not have been a smashing success, but Mixon had fleeting moments of brilliance, and his size and athletic profile are nearly ideal. Mixon was a versatile run-catch threat during his college career at Oklahoma, and heís capable of doing more as a receiver than he did in his first year with the Bengals. The 6-1, 228-pound Mixon is also capable of doing much more in the running game, but that will require improved play out of a Cincinnati offensive line that struggled in 2017. We got a taste of Mixonís potential late last season when he had 165 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown against the Browns in late November, and again when he ran for 96 yards against a good Ravens defense in the season finale. The Bengals have indicated that they plan to use Mixon in a workhorse role this year.


Last summer, some people opined that Mixon was the best running back in the 2017 rookie class. That could still turn out to be the case, but it didnít appear that way as the season unfolded. Yes, the Bengalsí offensive line struggled, but Mixon sometimes looked indecisive and didnít always run with the power he was advertised as having. Character concerns have shadowed Mixon ever since he was caught on video punching a female student at Oklahoma in 2014, though there were no reports of misbehavior during his rookie season.

Bottom Line

Despite his mildly disappointing rookie season, Mixon isnít going to fly under the radar in fantasy drafts. With his prototypical RB body type, size-speed combination and pass-catching ability, Mixon is an obvious candidate for a breakout season. The breakout is probably coming in the next year or two, but Mixon is largely at the mercy of a Bengals offensive line that was horrid last season.

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