Jimmy Graham

Tight End • Packers

2018 Projections

66 757 7


After scoring a total of eight TDs in his first two seasons in Seattle, Graham erupted for 10 in 2017. The Seahawks’ red-zone strategy with Graham last season was pretty simple: The big guy simply “posted up” his opponents in the end zone and Russell Wilson threw him a jump ball. (If that seems overly simplistic, Google “Jimmy Graham touchdown catches 2017.”) The 10 scores obviously stood out, but the veteran also had a pretty good year outside the red zone. He finished 2017 with 57 receptions for 520 yards. In 2016, Graham caught 65 passes for 923 yards and six scores. In New Orleans, he had five very productive seasons from 2010 to 2014 -- two of those seasons were incredible. In 2011 he caught 99 balls for 1,310 yards and 11 touchdowns, and in 2013 he had 86 grabs for 1,215 yards and topped the NFL with 16 TD receptions.


The last two times the Packers signed a big-name free agent TE, it has not gone as planned. Before last season, Green Bay signed Martellus Bennett to a three-year $21 million contract. He played in seven games, caught 24 balls and no touchdowns. In 2016, Jared Cook -- signed as free agent prior to the season -- caught just 30 balls and scored only one touchdown. Graham turns 32 in November and he’s five seasons removed from his last 1,000-yard receiving season.

Bottom Line

No one should expect Graham to approach the numbers he produced in New Orleans. Although the Packers don’t usually have a top fantasy tight end, you can expect Aaron Rodgers to utilize Graham’s size and skill, particularly in the red zone. With Jordy Nelson in Oakland, it’s not inconceivable that Graham becomes Rodgers’ favorite target. A more likely outcome is something along the lines of 55 receptions for 600 yards and six to eight touchdowns.

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