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Jarvis Landry

Wide Receiver • Browns

2018 Projections

133 91 908 5


A proven PPR stud, Landry led the league in receptions last year. His 400 catches to date are more than any other player in NFL history over the first four years of a career. He ranked fifth among wide receivers in PPR fantasy scoring in 2017 and has ranked no lower than 13th in any of the last three seasons. After never before scoring more than five touchdowns in a single season, Landry hit pay dirt nine times in 2017. Landry has yet to miss an NFL game. After trading for Landry in March, the Browns showed their commitment to him by awarding him a five-year, $75.5-million contract extension.


Landry racks up big reception totals, but he has a career average of just 10.1 yards per catch, and last year he had a career-low 8.8 yards per catch. We can probably expect to see some pullback in Landry’s TD total based on his history, and also based on the fact that the Browns had only 15 TD passes last season. The outlook for the Cleveland passing game is slightly better this year with the signing of QB Tyrod Tayor and the drafting of QB Baker Mayfield, but this is still a limited passing attack in a state of transition.

Bottom Line

Despite the change of venue, Landry figures to be much the same player he’s always been: a PPR specialist who piles up big catch totals but doesn’t give you prodigious yardage numbers.

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