Jaron Brown

Wide Receiver • Seahawks

2018 Projections

42 28 384 1


A bit player for most of his five-year stay in Arizona, Brown posted career highs in catches, receiving yardage and touchdowns in his final season with the Cardinals. He has a chance to play a significant role in Seattle, where the Seahawks are trying to replace departed pass catchers Jimmy Graham and Paul Richardson. The 6-2, 205-pound Brown has a nice blend of size, speed and athleticism.


Brown had five seasons to demonstrate his value in Arizona and collected only 86 receptions during his time there. Brown looks to be no better than third on Seattle’s WR depth chart behind Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett.

Bottom Line

With Seattle short on pass catchers, Brown has a chance to do more with the Seahawks than he ever did with the Cardinals. But based on his modest career numbers, it’s fair to wonder whether Brown is capable of being anything more than a peripheral contributor.

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