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Jared Goff

Quarterback • Rams

2018 Projections

307 496 3998 29 10 99 2


After a dismal 2016 rookie season under clueless coach Jeff Fisher, Goff exploded onto the scene in 2017 with 28 TDs against only seven interceptions. Despite resting the final game of the regular season, Goff finished 10th in passing yards with 3,804. He led his team to its first postseason since 2004. Goff now plays for coach Sean McVay, one of the brightest offensive minds in the game. The results of playing for McVay were dramatic for the No. 1 overall pick of the 2016 draft. His passer rating went from 63.6 in his rookie campaign to 100.5 last year. After being sacked 26 times in seven games in 2016, he was sacked just 25 times in 15 contests during 2017. He threw for 300 yards in five different games last year. He notched four TD passes in Week Nine at the Giants, and threw for four TDs again in Week 16 at Tennessee.


L.A. lost WR Sammy Watkins in free agency to the Chiefs, though he was replaced with a more explosive, consistent weapon in Brandin Cooks. The Rams made several additional significant moves in the offseason, but the vast majority of them were meant to bolster the defense. When evaluating the young QB, it’s probably fair to throw out Goff’s rookie season in Fisher’s archaic system. We really just have a 15-game sample size from which to project Goff’s 2018 production.

Bottom Line

The only thing holding us back from declaring Goff a solid QB1 is the sample size and the small possibility that 2017 was a fluke. The Rams did look pretty bad in their playoff loss to Atlanta. However, we see a greater possibility of Goff being a player on the rise. If he falls in your draft, he could represent terrific value.

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