Jamison Crowder

Wide Receiver • Washington

2018 Projections

102 68 809 4


QB Alex Smith’s arrival in Washington could bode well for Crowder, a slippery possession receiver who should suit Smith’s preference for safe, high-percentage throws. Crowder’s numbers were slightly down in 2017, but he dealt with hamstring issues for much of the year and also had a hip issue for several weeks. He came on after a slow start, and for his last 10 regular-season games he produced at a 1,100-yard pace. Crowder has a catch rate of 68.6 percent over his three seasons as a pro.


A small target at 5-9 and 177 pounds, Crowder may never be a dependable TD scorer. After hitting pay dirt seven times in 2016, he scored just three touchdowns last season. Thus far in his career, Crowder’s best finish among wide receivers in either standard or PPR fantasy scoring is only 31st.

Bottom Line

A very capable slot receiver who’s just 25 years old, Crowder has a solid fantasy floor and may have some upside for 2018, now that he’s paired with a quarterback who prefers to make high-percentage throws.

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